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Fingerprinting & Background Checks

As a Sacramento Metro Area provider of Live Scan we want to help you ensure a safe and secure workplace.

When should I do a background check versus a Live Scan Fingerprint?

  • Live Scan will only check the CAL DOJ database. There is an option for FBI, but it will not check the various counties the applicant has resided in, nor any DMV or credit checks. For that you should use a background screening company.

Do you have recommendation for a particular back ground screen company?

  • HireRight offers a variety of options which all can be done via online and e-mail.
  • Visit the DATIA web site and search for background check companies.

Can I do a personal background check?

  • Yes visit the DOJ web site.

What do I need to bring in with me for a Live Scan?

  • A Live Scan request form
  • A valid government issued ID
  • Cash or credit card to pay (if necessary)

Why would I need to bring money?

  • In some cases, the applicant agency requires you to pay the rolling fee and or the background checks.

If I am an applicant agency or business may I set up an account with you?

  • Yes, this may be for background checks and rolling fees or jut rolling fees
  • Unlike many sites, We do not require to retain money on account for this service

What is a rolling fee?

  • It is the fee that will vary by Live Scan site, as this is their fee.

What is the background check fee?

  • This will be the same at any Live Scan site and the amount will vary, based upon type of background check. We are not allowed to quote the price over the phone, but most are under $100, including a rolling fee.