Oral Fluid is now allowed for DOT testing. Click here for more information.

Employee Drug & Alcohol Testing

Building A Trustworthy Partnership To Ensure The Health Of Your Business

With the ongoing business concern to maintain cost-effective operations as well as compliance with the growing number of state and federal regulations, it’s important to build a relationship with a company that understands your needs.

Collection Plus can help you through the maze of regulations, case law and statutes that exist in the workplace.  We assist you in workforce education, drug testing programs and other specialties that keep your business healthy and operating at peak production.

Packages to manage your Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

The following attributes take a proactive approach that will save both time and money. The net result is a cost savings benefit to you:

Policy Development:

  • A clear, consistent workplace drug and alcohol policy can:
    • Educate your workforce on the dangers of drugs and alcohol
    • Inform your employees of the company’s no-drug tolerance policy, and
    • Reduce accidents on the job

Customize Program and Protocols:

  • Collection Plus has the expertise to develop a program that fits an individual organizational environment:

Reporting Capabilities

  • Flexible timetables and documentation that is simple, reliable and accurate. Available in hard copy or confidential electronic format.

Third Party Administration

  • Collection Plus can act as a third party administrator for organizations that require full-scale workplace drug testing services according to regulations and with all necessary comprehensive paperwork., or those companies with safety sensitive employees

Supervisor Training and Tools:

In Person

  • Reasonable suspicion signs and symptoms with role playing
  • It is about getting the supervisor comfortable with the process and your policy to make the call
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  • Available and usable 24/7/365
  • Provides user-friendly content that enables employees to effectively learn and retain important information
  • Automates tracking and compliance for employers, especially for federal and state mandated training requirements
  • Offers a cost-effective, low-maintenance method of learning to reach 100% of the workforce

Staff Expertise

Since 1990, Collection Plus has served as California’s premier 24-hour drug and alcohol testing service. Collection Plus is staffed with experienced collectors trained specifically in all aspects of collection, handling and reporting test results. Every specimen is collected according to the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Federal collection guidelines.

On-site at Your Place of Business

Drug and/or alcohol screening can be provided with immediate results. Testing for illegal drugs can offer preliminary results instantly, while a urine sample for laboratory testing can provide accurate, next day results. Alcohol testing is conducted on an Evidential Breath Test (EBT) machine and results are reported within minutes.

At the Collection Plus Clinic

A convenient option, our clinic located in Sacramento does not require appointments. The test process takes less than 15 minutes.


Due to the variety of types of testing and potential protocols and volumes, it is best to speak to us so that we may create a customized solution for your company that caters to your needs.