Oral Fluid is now allowed for DOT testing. Click here for more information.

Collection Plus Services

Collection Plus provides drug and alcohol testing services and recommends implementation of a drug-testing policy that includes a combination of these tests:

Pre-Employment  Individual provides a specimen during the application process. (In some cases, employment is contingent upon a negative drug test result.)

Post Accident  Following an accident or incident on the job as outlined in DOT case regulations, an employee is required to give a specimen for testing. The results of the test may provide evidence as to the cause of the accident.

Random  Individuals are randomly selected for testing.

Reasonable Suspicion  If there is sufficient evidence to indicate employee illicit drug use, the employee is required to provide a specimen for testing. Evidence is usually based on observation by the employee’s supervisor or co-workers who have witnessed physical symptoms or patterns of abnormal or erratic behavior.

Follow-up  After having a positive drug test or refusing to take a drug test, an employee is tested on a random basis after coming back to work to ensure that he/she is drug-free. These tests help substantiate the employee’s drug-free status.