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Check Your Drink


How do you know if your drink is safe? Check Your Drink knows!

CYD (Check Your Drink) is a drink-spiking detection test. CYD has been developed with expert chemists in the UK to help combat drink spiking. CYD test for Ketamine and GHB.

How do you use the test?

It’s simple, just apply a drop of your drink to the yellow & pink test pads with your finger or the end of a straw. If either of the test pads changes to Orange, Grey, or Blue, DON’T DRINKRESULTS ARE INSTANT!

Illustration of Cover Your Drink test strips changing color if your drink is unsafe.

What are the symptoms of being spiked?

How else can I protect myself?

Always be sure. Always be safe.

CYD Has a 97% Detection Rate, for Ketamine & GHB And a 99% Accuracy Rate

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CYD tests for minimal standard dosage of Ketamine and Pharmaceutical GHB (gammahydroxybutyrate) in drinks. Smaller quantities may not be detected. Some substances found in drinks such as red wine, red-based mixers, milk-based drinks, or liqueurs, may produce a false negative and can disrupt the GHB/Ketamine reactions.

How do you know if your drink is safe?

Check Your Drink knows!